As an EFPIA member association, we fully implement the EFPIA code of practice. As everyone in the EFPIA family, we, just as all our member companies, are committed to open, transparent relationships with stakeholders across healthcare.

Collaboration between industry, patient organisations, healthcare professionals, health systems, institutions and governments is critical to shape the future of research and development, inform regulatory decision-making and optimise the use of medicines in the patient pathway.

Transparency is critical to these relationships. You can find details of how these important relationships are regulated on the EFPIA homepage, together with how EFPIA supports the development of best practice.

As we all servicing the Icelandic market strive to fulfil the EFPIA code, we have an agreement signed by the Federation of Trade and Services and the Icelandic Federation of Trade jointly with us in Frumtök with the Icelandic Medical Association, formally agreeing that the EFPIA code of practice shall be the foundation of our interactions. What is especially positive with this agreement is the fact that the Federation for Services and Trade and the Icelandic Federation of Trade signed it onbehalf of their member companies, including companies such as Actavis, Alvogen, Icepharma, Vistor and Williams & Hall (and consequently applicable to all MAHs serviced by these companies in Iceland). In fact this means the whole pharma industry in Iceland has signed to use the EPFIA code as a foundation to its interactions with health care professionals.

Each company is responsible for disclosing relevant information, but we offer the service of publishing the Disclosure Reports on our website. For non-member companies, we offer web-sevice/publication of disclosure reports for a fee of ISK 50.000 (approx. EUR 360).

Meals and drinks Threasholds

According to Art.10.05 of the EFPIA Code, Member Companies must not provide or offer any meal (food and beverages) to HCPs, HCOs’ members or POs’ Representatives, unless, in each case, the value of such meal does not exceed the monetary threshold set by the relevant Member Association in its National Code (following the “Host Country Principle”). 

Please find here the Scorecard defining the threshold on Meals and Drinks of the EFPIA Member Associations.

The Template

Under the EFPIA Code, the pharmaceutical industry have to disclose payments made to healthcare professionals, such as sponsorship to attend meetings, speaker fees, consultancy and advisory boards. Please find here the disclosure template.

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